“My Body won’t do what I want it to” by Ken S-S of the Lewisham Parkinson’s Society- Check it out!!

The Lewisham Parkinson’s society have some very talented members in their midst! Check out Ken Smith Simmons song recording of My Body won’t do what I want it to! on YouTube.

The Parkinson’s society meet on the fourth Monday of every month at:

Lewisham United Reformed Church
18 Courthill Road
SE13 6HB


They do tai chi, quizzes, socials and much more!

They also meet for exercise classes each week:

Please see below details of the Lewisham Parkinson Society’s exercise class:

Exercise class
For people with MS or
Parkinsons disease:
12.30 to 2pm

Downham Leisure Centre
7 – 9 Moorside Road

– See more at: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/local-support-groups/regions/london/lewisham-branch#sthash.cbbmYtUF.dpuf

Volunteer with us! Be a Community Connector!

Community Connectors
The Community Connections project is designed to be an easy to use service for vulnerable Lewisham residents aged 18 years and above, to support them to access a wide range of services to better their health and wellbeing, reduce isolation and increase independence.

Based at

Across Lewisham

Role Outline

Our community based Connectors provide vital support to vulnerable people by visiting them at home to help link them to local social activities and support services. We match you based on your availability and location and provide you with an appointment time. Your role will be to:

Support the person to achieve their goals which might mean attending a new club with them for the first time to build confidence or similar
Provide client updates to Community Facilitators regularly
Work with the support of the office team to identify suitable services and spend time talking through these with the client
Complete basic templates and paperwork to detail the work you have carried out to be used for reporting purposes
Attending community events to raise the profile of Community Connections (optional)
Minimum time commitment

½ day a week for a minimum of 6 months

Skills and Attributes

Enthusiasm and a commitment to supporting vulnerable adults are essential. We will provide you with the training that you need though knowledge of the borough of Lewisham would be a bonus. You will need to have excellent English language skills and listening skills, additional language skills will be most welcome.


We will provide you with person centred planning training in addition to our volunteer induction and provide a forum events to meet with other volunteers and the Volunteer Coordinator to share learning.

If you are interested please download the below application form, equal opportunities form and role description and return the completed application form and equal opportunities form to noreen.hussain@ageuklands.org.uk

Noreen Hussain
E: noreen.hussain@ageuklands.org.uk
T: 020 8314 6579

MS Society Lewisham Twice Monthly Meet Ups

Lewisham MS Society is inviting everyone with or affected by MS to a brand new lunch club at the Phoenix Café. Barbara, Chair of the Lewisham branch, said: “We hope more members will come along and join us. It’s an informal way we can all get together, make friends and exchange useful information and tips. Last week we chatted about taking holidays, our plans for the visit to Horniman Museum, art exhibitions, volunteering
and loads more. We look forward to welcoming more people”

Lunch Club
2nd and 4th
Wednesday of
every month
12 noon to 2pm
homemade meals
for under a fiver.
Phoenix Café
SE23 1DD

Free street

‘The Garden’ a poem by D

The Garden

Everyone has their own garden,
That needs their own warden.

I constantly fight as I have MS,
Like a plant in its own process.

We all have our different weather,
We must think that everything will get better.

I understand that things may get rough for you,
But I know you will pull through.

We all go through different seasons,
Be confident for it will be the right reason.

You have the skill and capability to fulfil!

By D, 10.12.2014

D attended the Community Connections Experience sessions at the Horniman museum and was kind enough to share her poem with us.

Community Connections Experience Sessions at the Horniman Museum

In the Autumn and Winter, 2014, Community Connections worked alongside the Horniman Museum and Gardens to deliver two experience sessions for people from Lewisham. All the people who attended had worked with Community Connections before, and they were keen to explore what the museum had to offer. The sessions were planned with the aim of sparking interest and creativity, a chance to socialise, meet new people and learn about more opportunities in the community.

Horniman 5

During the first session we went on a fascinating walk around the gardens, exploring the dye garden, medicinal garden and materials garden. Everyone loved the chance to smell the eucalyptus plant and reflect on its medicinal properties, the lavender was popular too! Being in the garden gave the group a chance to chat together and get to know one another. We then headed in for a well deserved cup of tea!

The group also completed a plant potting activity. Many of the attendees shared their experiences, discussing their style of gardening and how best to take care of plants. We planted different herbs like coriander and fennel which inevitably led to a discussion about cooking and using different spices. The group finished this activity with an abundance of gardening and cooking tips as well a new addition for their gardens.

We then went into the Horniman museums hands on base to continue the afternoon. Everyone was able to observe the objects in this collection and choose one they were particularly drawn to, to hold. We completed a Mindfulness exercise, exploring our objects with all of our senses. This was a great session and by the end of it everyone was looking forward to our next meeting.

When we met again we decided to visit the gardens for a second time. We went on the animal walk and saw the alpacas, hens, rabbits, sheep and goats. We then continued with our theme derived from our last session. The group photographed objects, pictures and displays in the galleries that they were most strongly drawn to. We were then able to share our favoured photographs with the whole group. This was a brilliant exercise as it gave everyone the chance to present to the group and offer their opinion.


Many of the group members also brought objects from home. The objects were related to travel and places they’d visited in the past, this presented a valuable opportunity for the group to share their experiences and it was fascinating to listen to each person’s story about their object.

One group member, D, wrote a poem about her experience at the Horniman museum. The poem was very touching and I will share it in my next blog post.

Community Connections is now hoping to do some further sessions at the Horniman Museum with the support of volunteers, watch this space.

By Rosa Parker

Festive Cheer at the Sylvan Post Pub, Forest Hill

The Sylvan Post pub in Forest Hill, part of the Antic pub chain, provided a wonderful community Christmas lunch this week for Community Connections, Age Uk. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the pub to ask whether they’d like me to invite people on their behalf. Kaethe, the manager was glad for us to work together on this.

I went ahead and invited people from some of the groups I’ve been working with recently. I invited people from Aging Well in Lewisham who meet at the Grove Centre Sydenham, I invited some regulars from Sydenham Library and also from Seniors, some lovely gentlemen from the Being Alongside Peer Support group also attended. A few people came independently too, to join in the festive cheer.

On arrival we were met by the friendly staff at the Sylvan Post. They served wine and cups of tea and everyone felt very welcome. The Christmas decorations were beautiful and they were playing some great soul songs, which everyone knew. The food was exceptional and everyone commented on delicious everything was, the chef and kitchen staff were applauded for their efforts.

There were some lovely volunteers there keen to get to know everyone and help out. Lucy Hancock and Poppy Parry, two volunteers, were busy chatting and entertaining everyone, they really helped to warm the atmosphere and everyone was glad to have met them.

We were surprised and amazed, that some of the local businesses in Forest Hill had donated gifts for the occasion. Christmas had surely come early! One of the volunteers, Pietro Herrera (who does the quiz and DJ’s at the pub), gave out gifts to everyone in attendance. We were overjoyed by such generosity! I’d like to thank The Archie Parker café for their mince pies and presents, Jo Elvin (Editor, Glamour Magazine) for her presents as well as Bunka (local boutique) and The Palmerston (pub in East Dulwich) for the gifts they gave.

This Christmas lunch was an excellent opportunity to get people together; different community groups met one another and were able to celebrate in a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you for a fun and festive afternoon Sylvan Post!

Rosa Parker CDW

Sylvan Post Christmas Tree!
Sylvan Post Christmas Tree!

A Job Well Done!

Sam is a 40 year old man who self-referred himself via a Lewisham Speaking Up event which Henry had attended.

When I went to meet Sam at his supported housing accommodation, he revealed that he is registered blind and has some learning difficulties.

Sam explained to me that although he leads an active life, he would like to find a job and work. I offered to accompany Sam to the Toucan Employment agency – an organization that helps people with learning difficulties to find work. Sam accepted my offer and we made arrangements to visit the Toucan office in Deptford.

A few weeks later at the Toucan office, Sam was asked a number of questions including what past work he has done and what work he may like to consider in the future. At the end of the meeting, I escorted Sam home and he was very thankful for my help and voiced his thanks.

A few months later I received a call from Sam who excitedly informed me that he was to start training for work at the Meeting Place in Catford where he would be working in the kitchen. I congratulated Sam and promised to visit him the next week.



So the following week, my colleague and I went to visit Sam at the Meeting Place. Sam proudly surfaced from the kitchen to talk to us and tell us about the food he had been preparing. He was extremely happy and seemed to have fit in very well with the other staff.


All in all, a job well done!


By Fay Russell-Clark