Festive Cheer at the Sylvan Post Pub, Forest Hill

The Sylvan Post pub in Forest Hill, part of the Antic pub chain, provided a wonderful community Christmas lunch this week for Community Connections, Age Uk. A couple of weeks ago I contacted the pub to ask whether they’d like me to invite people on their behalf. Kaethe, the manager was glad for us to work together on this.

I went ahead and invited people from some of the groups I’ve been working with recently. I invited people from Aging Well in Lewisham who meet at the Grove Centre Sydenham, I invited some regulars from Sydenham Library and also from Seniors, some lovely gentlemen from the Being Alongside Peer Support group also attended. A few people came independently too, to join in the festive cheer.

On arrival we were met by the friendly staff at the Sylvan Post. They served wine and cups of tea and everyone felt very welcome. The Christmas decorations were beautiful and they were playing some great soul songs, which everyone knew. The food was exceptional and everyone commented on delicious everything was, the chef and kitchen staff were applauded for their efforts.

There were some lovely volunteers there keen to get to know everyone and help out. Lucy Hancock and Poppy Parry, two volunteers, were busy chatting and entertaining everyone, they really helped to warm the atmosphere and everyone was glad to have met them.

We were surprised and amazed, that some of the local businesses in Forest Hill had donated gifts for the occasion. Christmas had surely come early! One of the volunteers, Pietro Herrera (who does the quiz and DJ’s at the pub), gave out gifts to everyone in attendance. We were overjoyed by such generosity! I’d like to thank The Archie Parker café for their mince pies and presents, Jo Elvin (Editor, Glamour Magazine) for her presents as well as Bunka (local boutique) and The Palmerston (pub in East Dulwich) for the gifts they gave.

This Christmas lunch was an excellent opportunity to get people together; different community groups met one another and were able to celebrate in a wonderful atmosphere. Thank you for a fun and festive afternoon Sylvan Post!

Rosa Parker CDW

Sylvan Post Christmas Tree!
Sylvan Post Christmas Tree!

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