A Job Well Done!

Sam is a 40 year old man who self-referred himself via a Lewisham Speaking Up event which Henry had attended.

When I went to meet Sam at his supported housing accommodation, he revealed that he is registered blind and has some learning difficulties.

Sam explained to me that although he leads an active life, he would like to find a job and work. I offered to accompany Sam to the Toucan Employment agency – an organization that helps people with learning difficulties to find work. Sam accepted my offer and we made arrangements to visit the Toucan office in Deptford.

A few weeks later at the Toucan office, Sam was asked a number of questions including what past work he has done and what work he may like to consider in the future. At the end of the meeting, I escorted Sam home and he was very thankful for my help and voiced his thanks.

A few months later I received a call from Sam who excitedly informed me that he was to start training for work at the Meeting Place in Catford where he would be working in the kitchen. I congratulated Sam and promised to visit him the next week.



So the following week, my colleague and I went to visit Sam at the Meeting Place. Sam proudly surfaced from the kitchen to talk to us and tell us about the food he had been preparing. He was extremely happy and seemed to have fit in very well with the other staff.


All in all, a job well done!


By Fay Russell-Clark

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