On Sunday 22 June 2014 a team from Lewisham Police cadets assisted a Lewisham resident with the refurbishment of her garden.

The outcome of the interventions was that the resident is now able to fully access her garden.

The Lewisham Police Cadet Unit meets regularly and takes part in many activities, including visits to Police Units / establishments, listening to speakers on a range of specialist subjects, annual competitions with other volunteer Police Cadets Units and youth groups, outward-bound activities (including Duke of Edinburgh Awards), and camps.

Cadets can also take part in non-confrontational policing, community events and local crime reduction initiatives.

The Police Cadets are keen to help reduce the opportunity for villains to prey on the vulnerable people; and an overgrown garden can sometimes be a sign that that a home is being occupied by a vulnerable person.


The original referral was made by in South Lewisham Health Centre during one of the community ‘mini marketing’ information session to the Lewisham Community Connections service; Community Connections

The Community Connections community development worker Trevor Pybus liaised with the Police Sergeant Steve Marks and Police Constable Wendy Lillie (Lewisham Police Cadets) and a date was agreed for a site visit.

IMG_0778 IMG_1739

Sergeant Steve Marks, in consultation with the cadets, selected 11am Sunday 22 June to undertake the intervention.

The cadets cleared and bag up the garden waste. Trevor Pybus acted as a go between Phoenix Community Housing and the resident to remove the resulting refuse.

On the 22 June a team of cadets came along to the resident’s home. Tea and biscuits were importantly supplied by the resident.

Good quality partnerships are forged when all partners put the needs of the residents as a very high priority.  With this project we are very fortunate that those service providers involved first question was ‘how can we help.


The project included support from

  • South Lewisham Health Centre
  • The South Lewisham Health Centre Patients Partnership Group
  • Community Connections
  • The Lewisham Police cadets
  • Phoenix Community Housing
  • The Residents family
  • The Resident

Trevor Pybus

Community Connections CD worker for the South Eastern Cluster