Lewisham Community Connections Launch, Thursday, 27 March 2014 Lewisham Town Hall, London By Kofi

I am pleased to post this article written by a Community Connections client Kofi. He has added much to the time bank community at Crofton Park, welcomes new members and continues to stay in touch with our project- Rosa. 

I was curious to attend the Community Connections launch event on Thursday, 27th March at Lewisham Town Hall. Once I got there, it became clear that Community Connections was one of many smaller invited organisations behind stalls helping to make up the bigger event.


I found the main meeting in the morning positive and helpful. It helped me to understand a lot more about what goes into the workings of my borough, Lewisham. Upon reflection, I thought the launch went very well. I was able to help a little on the TimeBank stall. In the afternoon when I was asked to speak briefly in the transport workshop, I talked about my introduction to Time Bank, about my needs when walking, especially my needs for a travel buddy.

Below is a quote, reminding me about my need for independence. Kofi:         

            “through community connections (and Rosa), I became less dependent and become more independent.”


Having been introduced to TimeBank two great things have happened. The first is that I have slightly more independence. The second is that I was introduced to a travel buddy, and after TimeBank finishes we walk back to my house together.

Thank you, Community Connections! Thank you, TimeBank! Thank you, travel buddy!

By Kofi

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