Norah’s confidence soars!

I began working with Norah in March 2014. She had just experienced a painful and frightening fall whilst walking her dog. I went to visit Norah shortly after her fall to talk about how we could improve her situation. She had also recently lost a close friend and was feeling a little down. The following week Norah and I went to a singing group which was unfortunately cancelled. At the group we bumped into Sabrina who also works on the Community Connections project. Instead of going to the group we all went to the pensioners drop in at the Catford Broadway theatre café. We walked with Norah around the Catford centre. Afterwards, Norah said she’d enjoyed doing this and felt more confident walking after her fall. Norah was determined to get better and do her weekly shopping in Catford independently!

Whilst getting to know Norah, she told me about her love of ballroom dancing and the awards she had won in the past. We decided to find a new class to try. We went to “Dance into Retirement”, at Mycenae House in Blackheath. We met a lot of other dancers, Norah and I both found this very interesting and she even taught me some cha, cha, cha! Although Norah has not decided to attend regularly, she enjoyed finding out about the class, she also appreciated the sign posting to social groups provided by Community Connections.

Now in June, Norah has made an excellent recovery from her fall. She is lucky to have some really supportive neighbours who walk her dog and help out a lot, and she has some excellent friends who she’s been able to reconnect with. Norah stated that Community Connections “gave me confidence.” Norah said that she is no longer frightened to walk outdoors and that she feels more confident after going out with me and trying new experiences. Norah said that she will tell anyone who is experiencing a difficult time to contact us. Sabrina and I are still hoping that Norah will try out a group called Friendship Fridays, we think her dancing skills would be a great asset there!

Post by Rosa.


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